Write a short, funny poem using a spelling bee word. And we have 21 winning parodies!
They're called feghoots -- make us go 'owww.' Plus 'Bad News: The Bears' and other rearranged movie titles.
It's parity time! Send us some (non-hateful) conservative-leaning humor
Add one letter to a word/name -- one or more times -- to make your own neologism. Plus the winning 'grandfoals.'
Write a song (or even do a video) about something in the news. Plus winning 'signs of incompetence.'
Plus winning new words that switched two letters of the original
Think of funny ideas for HIGHLY varied items at a surplus-good website. And we have the winners of our contest for things you can say in two different…
On Kentucky Derby weekend, it's a Pun for the Roses with the winning foal names, and now the second leg
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The Style Invitational